Saw a sticker on the Daily Press about a hearing study that exactly described my hearing problem. I called, I went in, and now I have state of the art hearing aids and a doctor that I trust. The office is friendly, they remember your name, sometimes even know your voice before you say your name. Dr. Liptak is young and enthusiastic – couldn’t ask for more.


I am exceptionally satisfied: Jude Liptak at Colonial Center for Hearing was very thorough and ordered the hearing aids that best suited my loss. I found him by using this Yahoo local and am so glad I did. I was very upset with my past experiences with hearing aids. Jude explained every aspect of my hearing loss and I get my batteries for free! I highly recommend Jude to all people who are looking for someone that truly cares about their ears and has the latest technology.

Bill L.

Couldn’t ask for better: Dr. Jude Liptak and his staff are extremely courteous and professional. Their diagnostics are state-of-art and the products they carry are cutting edge. The atmosphere is that of an old time family physician (remember when Doctors made you feel like you were the only one they cared about – not just cattle to be herded through the gate?) Colonial Center is highly recommended for anyone needing help with their hearing.

Mary M.

Dr. Jude Liptak was great! State of the art diagnostics. Doesn’t focus on selling. He diagnoses your hearing problem and prescribes what is best for your hearing loss. Very friendly. Easy to talk to.

John B.

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