Need to Fix Your Hearing Aids?

If your hearing aid doesn’t sound quite the way it used to, there may be an internal issue with the device. Colonial Center for Hearing Audiology can repair most hearing aid types or send it out for repair to the manufacturer. We’ll be able to tell you how long it will take to fix and offer you loaners in the meantime.

Caring for Your Hearing Aid

You should clean the wax off your hearing aids after each use with a clean tissue or cloth to decrease build-up and maintain performance. In cases of extreme wax build-up, ask us to clean the hearing aids for you. We have the proper training and tools to ensure wax and other debris are removed safely without damaging your aids.

Getting a Hearing Aid Adjustment

The fit of your hearing aids may also need to be adjusted periodically. Excessive feedback or whistling may indicate a problem with the fitting, or that a new earmold is needed. Your hearing may also worsen over time, which will require reprogramming your hearing aids. Hearing aid adjustments can typically be done quickly during an office visit.

BTE hearing aid wearers will need to have the tubes on their aids replaced regularly due to stretching, discoloration, hardening, cracking or moisture issues. For hearing aids that require earmolds, such as a BTE hearing aid, there may be a one- or two-week wait to have a new earmold created.

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